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Roman Catholic - websites devoted to  the Roman Catholic faith, its history, beliefs, clergy and all of its parishes and adherents.&

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Roman Catholic

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The content of your site must be related to Catholic issues of spirituality, theology, ethics, piety or practice. Sites included on this list often mirror the different and sometimes conflicting schools of Catholic thought and practice. Please be mindful that this ring is open to sites on all sides of the Catholic spectrum and you will find links to both conservative and progressive schools of Catholic thought with the common ground simply being the love of Jesus and the Catholic Church.

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I Spy...ALL SAINTS in NOVEMBER! - 11/08/2012

  Which I Spy...November Saints do you like best?     I realize that my little wooden painted saints sometimes look like they are kissing...but it's hard to keep them from moving around on the glass!  Have you seen where the wooden painted saints have made their publishing debut?  See the Super Saints cards! This technique of making photo-collages is really fun! I collect and arrange different colorful Saint holy cards, medals, rosaries, devotionals...and now my wooden painted saints !...and place them carefully on the glass of my home scanner. (Don't scratch the glass!) I cover all the items with a thick blanket or towel to block the light, because the scanner cover will not close on top of the 3D items. See some of the other I Spy...the Saints! photo collages (below) and our other  DIY photo-collages that I have made.  This is a fun project with the can also use a self-serve pho...


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