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The Christian Web Ring Forum is open to webring members as well as the public. Feel free to post daily bible studies, devotionals, prayer requests or even personal stories on how you came to know Christ.

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Can We Count On God? - 05/02/2013
We are human and know we should keep our promises, but we break our word; we are unable to control all circumstances and we often promise what we can’t perform. That is how we are but what about God is he like us does he break promises? “Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and your dominion endures through all generations. The Lord is faithful to all his promises and loving toward all he has made.”   Psalm 145:13. NIV FAITHFUL It is an understatement to say that God is faithful. He is faithful because He can be, and because He has decided to be. He will not sin by breaking a promise .  He keeps his promises because he is God. He is all-powerful and can exercise his power as creator of the universe and overcome every obstacle to any of his promises. LOVING He has made promises because He loves us, to provide for us, and because He is good. The promises of God teach us about Him; through them God   reveals that He is worthy of trust, service, and devotion. OUR REACTION We should find comfort that, "The Lord is faithful to all his promises." It has huge implications. Just think that the creator of the universe, who rules forever and is Lord of all, has made promises to mankind. There are hundreds of promises in the Bible. They are for each of us, and if we really believed it we would search scripture for all his promises and watch with eager anticipation for their fulfillment. That the God of Heaven gave promises for us to find and accept ...

Can We Count On God?

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