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Scrapbooking fills my days.....
  Scrapbooking fills my days - not to mention my living room, bedroom and clo

I could keep on scrappin'
  I could keep on scrappin' or I could go to bed, but then what would I do
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The Changing Culture of Pubs and Bars - 01/31/2013

Don't laugh... promise? OK, I was digging through old Word Docs. last night and came across some ramblings from 2005. Back then, I had been bartending 13 years and worked every weekend, all weekend. Something that really stuck out to me while standing behind the bar, night after night, as all me friends were out partying, was that, it really didn't look too much like a party out there. I was working in a huge venue at the time, mind you. People lined up around the block just to get in. They paid a cover at the door and, at times, waded through the crowd just to reach the bar. These customers worked or studied ALL week just to be able to come to my bar and unwind. I know what they wanted, because I wanted it, too. They needed to break free, to scream loudly, act foolishly, and leave the stress of life behind. I lived through them during what should've been the best years of my life. Night after night I began to notice a commonality. They weren't partying like I would if I were killing myself through the week and dropping big bills at the bar. It wasn't their fault either. They prepped and primped for the night; put on clean clothes and cologne, called their friends, hit the ATM...but something fell flat after they arrived. The DJ was pumping, the girls were hot, and the beer was cold but they were restless. I understand that this was not Las Vegas. We couldn't have a scantily clad trapezist dangling above our heads. There had to be a happy medium though. I thought I had figur...

The Changing Culture of Pubs and Bars

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