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Scotland Connection - Untitled document Sites covering many aspecs of Scottish culture.

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Scotland Connection

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I'LL PROVIDE THE RAIN - 01/19/2005

I may be asking much from you,
At least, that's what it seems...
But you're the one I always knew
Who separates reality from our dreams.

You know my fears, you know my pain,
You know my every thought.
So, only you can help me gain
The refuge I have sought.

Reassure me, if you could,
On my knees, I am down.
You said this would be for my own good,
But times, I feel you aren't around.

So what I'm asking you to do,
Just in case you feel locked out,
Hear my prayers, I know you're true...
And forgive my every doubt.

There are moments I have cried,
Wanting all of this to end...
With every tear, you have tried
To be my dearest friend.

I can't do this on my own...
Handle heartache or succeed.
This inability in me has shown
That I'm in desperate need.

Every night, I lay awake,
With hopes and schemes of what to do...
Every morning, disappointed to take
A look in the mirror at what is true.

I know life won't change over night.
I know to do my part...
But what to do in all this fright...
With this insecure and tattered heart?

So much I want, so much I need...
Seems I lose more than I gain.
So Lord, please plant your healing seed
And I'll provide the rain.
Heather M. Gray

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