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10 Steps To Finding True Happiness - 05/25/2005
10 Steps To Finding True Happiness
The Hidden Key Within Ourselves

1. Accept yourself and acknowledge both your pains and your joys. Honesty
within yourself will free you from inner conflicts and allow you to grow.

2. Nurture yourself as often as you can, be it with a daily personal ritual,
a regular massage or simply a few hours with a good book.

3. Contemplating your weaknesses inspires fear, but focusing on strengths
will bolster your mind. Self-improvement is a noble goal, yet it is important to
recognize your contributions to the world. Revel in those activities that
empower you.

4. It is written in the Bhagavad-Gita that "the highest happiness comes upon
the yogi whose mind is calmed." Choose pathways in life based on the peace
they inspire within you and happiness will follow.

5. While money counts, true happiness lies elsewhere. Ask yourself what paths
you would most like to follow even without financial gain. Immerse yourself
in beloved hobbies and they may evolve into more.

6. Open your mind and increase your imagination. Use your intuition as a

7. Deep inside ourselves, we understand the actions that will make us happy.
When doubt begins to creep in, take it as a warning and examine your actions
using your heart as your guide.

8. Intense, joyful effort should not be a struggle. When it becomes one, it
is time to retrace your steps and ask where happiness lies.

9. Never lose sight of your emotions. Your own reactions are signs clearly
marking the way to happiness, but there are other, less obvious clues. Be open
to new ideas that may contribute to your well being.

10. New experiences are a pathway to joy and wisdom, not an occasion to win
or lose. The loftiest successes are often achieved through a simple leap of
~author unknown~

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