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Scotland Connection - Untitled document Sites covering many aspecs of Scottish culture.

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Scotland Connection

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AUTUMN WHISPER. - 09/11/2005

The wind dances with branches on trees.
The air stirs as it mingles with leaves.
The gray sky cries tears from above.
Another Autumn, it's the season I love.

Whisper to me that all is not lost.
Show me your mystery, without much cost.
Tell me your secrets, share your story.
The radiant colors show all your glory.

Orange, red, yellow and brown.
The landscape is dressed in your gown.
The aroma of fall, how I love the smell.
The sounds in my ear tell me all is well.

Days are so short, and soon we will part.
The night air is cool, soothing to my heart.
I'll wait to embrace you, year after year,
When I'm in your arms, I feel no fear.

~~By Derek Lohner.~~

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