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Scotland Connection - Untitled document Sites covering many aspecs of Scottish culture.

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Scotland Connection

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My Truest, Most Best Friend - 01/19/2005
My Truest, Most Best Friend
A friendship given from the heavenly sky,
Is surely destined to fly.
It will fly beyond the heavens up above,
Into the valley of friendships love.

Though we are an ocean apart,
He is always deep within my heart.
Forever and always my loving pal,
I confess my love right here, right now.

Together we shall soar in the deep blue sky,
There, we will reveal every secret and lie.
Hand in hand to never part,
Held within each other's hearts.

Our friendship is more than one could think,
Our hearts are heavy that they sink.
True friends until the very end.
He is my truest, most best friend.

~ Heather Miller, 14 years old~

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