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Southern Pride!! WebRing - A ring of sites that shows the pride of Southern ancestry and devoted to Southern History, Heritage, and Culture - in pa

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Southern Pride!! WebRing

Manager: sully2000
A ring of sites that show the pride people feel with a Southern ancestry and show it in their web pages. Content must be positive in nature and show the Southern way of life in a good context.

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LION PUBLISHING, INC. - 01/07/2004

LION PUBLISHING bookstore provides FREEREADINGS AND DOWNLOADS of rare Confederate, general CW and politically incorrect books. We do this as a service to impede the deliberate attempt in the USA to erase all ideals, symbols, history and honor of the CSA. We are in a war against against the ultraliberals who would revise history and perpetuate Northern proganda to dishonor our cause.

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