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Rats! - Rats, rats and more rats! You've just landed in the community dedicated to these brilliant vermin who have found their w

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Rats, Rats and more rats! You've just landed in the community forum dedicated to discussing these brilliant vermin who have found their way into our homes and our hearts...and they didn't even have to chew a hole to get in.

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The Buck House um_4127 09/09/1998 (1 posts) Meet the Buck House Cr   more
Veinglory's Rats of Night and Day um_11311 06/08/1999 (1 posts) A discussion about rat   more
The Tail of Two Rats um_8672 06/27/1999 (1 posts) This site was "made" by   more
Meagan's Pets um_4104 09/02/1999 (1 posts) My site features all of   more
Rodent Information and Resource Page crusader_rabbit99 09/25/1999 (1 posts) rat   more
The rat nest inv_fict 10/07/1999 (1 posts) rat pictures and links   more
Rat Central inv_fict 08/26/2000 (2 posts) Adventures and photos   more
Rattekopke rattekopke 08/26/2000 (1 posts) Nederlandse pagina&#   more
GREAT RATS great_rats 08/26/2000 (1 posts) All about rats inc   more
Carawatha Rodents Homepage carawatha 07/29/2001 (1 posts) Carawatha are a roden   more
Sniffy's Rat Corner birdieperson 01/19/2002 (1 posts) Memorial pages of   more
My Ratty Page! susan_tweety 06/01/2002 (1 posts) My lil ratties, pl   more
My World zeknei 01/11/2003 (1 posts) A site about me, my life   more
Zoe's Wonderful Ratties zoestertoaster 11/16/2006 (1 posts) My site all about   more
All About Rats gofishgirl 03/04/2007 (1 posts) Learn a lot about ra   more
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