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Southern Pride!! WebRing - A ring of sites that shows the pride of Southern ancestry and devoted to Southern History, Heritage, and Culture - in pa

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Southern Pride!! WebRing

Manager: sully2000
A ring of sites that show the pride people feel with a Southern ancestry and show it in their web pages. Content must be positive in nature and show the Southern way of life in a good context.

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THE NEW FEDERALIST CONSTITUTION FOR A FREE SOCIETY sully2000 08/13/2008 (1 posts) The New Federalist b   more
CSA Battle Cry csa_battlecry 07/28/2004 (1 posts) Confeder   more
The Confederate War Department csawardept 01/02/2007 (1 posts) Dedicated t   more
A Time Of Crisis - Will The South Rise Again? nazirene 09/23/2003 (1 posts) The US has been conque   more
The South Will Rise Again um_11102 07/01/2004 (1 posts) A Southern pride site   more
DixieSCV dixiescv 09/17/2006 (1 posts) Dedicating ourselves   more
Dixie Drifter dixiedrifter 04/04/2002 (1 posts) Dixie Drifter is   more
Mr. Mix confederate webrancho! countrystar 11/19/2003 (1 posts) This is an official   more
DukeUKR's Civil War Resource Center inv_fict 03/17/2004 (1 posts) A resource center wher   more
Henry Watkins Allen Camp 133 - Home sf46 05/22/2009 (1 posts) Website of the Henry Watkins   more
A rebel At Heart - 2nd Virginia, COE & 1st Maryland Art inv_fict 06/25/1999 (1 posts) Home page and page lin   more
TerrorPatriot terrorpatriot1 09/07/2010 (1 posts) My website is comp   more
Remember Our Southern Bretheren inv_fict 01/18/2002 (1 posts) Is about the South and   more
Walt Bryson Camp 70, SCV Cemetery Restoration Project mosmom3 05/05/2005 (1 posts) The Walter M. Bryson, C   more
Undeniable Truths Webring wmswr 02/17/2010 (1 posts) This Ring is For Websites   more
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